About Football Templates + Q&A

 Q: Where am I, Who are you, and what is this?

A:Hello! Thanks for visiting footballtemplates.blogspot.com, formerly known as mvvmdesigns. I am a Designfootball.com / FootballShirtCulture.com regular known as Moom/Mvvm, or simply Joshua. While i'm still very much interested in Fantasy Design, I have chosen to change this blog into a more resourceful and interactive site, dedicated to the wonderful and growing Football-Design userbase..

 Q:What is the subject of this Blog?

A: Here I will upload my past, present, and future templates of all football kits and football related items. All templates will be available in .XCF (GIMP Format), .PSD ( Adobe Photoshop Format), or more rarely, a standard PNG Image ( Logos, Lining Tags Etc). Most importantly, all templates will be free to download, free to edit, and free to pass on. As an act of courtesy, though not required, i would very much appreciate you passing the word of footballtemplates.blogspot.com to the people with whom you share your creations with!

Q:How often will templates be shared?

A: While there is no definite schedule to the uploads, they will be shared quite frequently, or whenever a company ( Nike, Adidas, Puma etc) releases a new set of kits.

If there is any more questions you have that were not answered here, please do send me an email at hantonar@gmail.com

Thank you, stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

A lot of thanks. Eternamente agradecido.
Great news your work with TSC!


Joshua Wilson said...

Cheers, Birrei!

Irving Perez said...

I just found this site and realized it was yours!

Great stuff, man! I will be visiting on a regular basis for sure!

I'll try and hurry on up on my skills so that I can share what I can do as well!