[SHIRT] 2014 Adidas Condivo Shirt Template (Premium Edt.)

Hello, nice to be back and active both on Designfootball, FootballShirtCulture, and here. My latest offering on Football Templates is a new thing i'm trying out, a 'Premium Edition' version of my first shot at the Adidas Condivo Template from a few months back.

2014 Adidas 'Condivo 14' Shirt Template
$1 USD

In this new installment, i'm offering many improvements and changes:
  • Nearly double the size of Version 1 ( Now 4000x4400 px )
  • Added Texture and Panel Detail 
  • Easier Layer Organization 
  • Improved representation of the new Condivo Template

How to Order:
  1. Enter the image format you wish to receive
  2. Enter the Email address which you want the template sent to
  3.  click the 'Buy Now' button
  4. Follow the Secure Payment Instructions though Paypal
  5. Receive Template in less than a day ( Timezone complications ) 
  6. You also enter the file type and email on the checkout page, select "leave special buying instructions"
Order: ( $1 USD )

Enter: XCF/ PSD + Email
Why do these cost money now? 

Though this website is dedicated to providing templates for the community, some projects take a substantial amount of time and effort, and though not all future releases will cost money, premium templates like this will.. but i'm committed to keeping the price very low, as seen here.

In order to sustain this site and keep releases frequent, I encourage you to consider providing a small donation in exchange for this new version of my template. :)

More to come, thanks guys!


Brian said...

I have sent my payment, but not received the template. Please send to bayerngk174@aol.com

Anonymous said...

Hi. still not got the file and paid 3 days ago. thanks, Craig. craig@admdirect.co.uk